WWE News: Big Concern Over Scott Hall, Back Into Drugs Again?

In a bit of sad news, recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee Scott Hall seems to be going through a tough time. He recently pulled out of an event for Big Time Wrestling recently. His son Cody was supposed to be at the event, and even DDP was set to be present. Super wrestling agent Bill Behrens sent this to the promoter for the event:

"I regret that Scott Hall decided last minute he would not make the trip from Atlanta with his son Cody to Big Time Wrestling's WrestleFest and wrestling event. His son, Cody Hall, Dallas Page and myself all tried to change his mind but he could not get past the personal issues that had him unwilling to travel to California."
Now reports are surfacing, claiming that Hall ended up texting the promoter to tell him he was in a "dark place" and couldn't get out of bed.

Former WWE Superstar Ezekiel Jackson ended up replacing Scott Hall at the event. However, many wonder if the report is true on Hall being in a dark place.

The issue with Scott Hall in WWE, WCW, or any other promotion has always been drugs. WWE admitted in an ESPN interview with E:60 that they have spent the most money on rehab for Scott Hall and they hoped each time he went that he would be okay. Hall has been doing a fantastic job since getting with DDP.

Diamond Dallas Page has a Yoga program called DDP Yoga which has literally no negative review of note. Anyone who has used it properly has seen results from it. Both Hall and Jake Roberts went to DDP who took it upon himself to get their lives in order. He wanted to get them off drugs and back into normal, every day society as sober people in great shape. Hall and Roberts both looked amazing at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

Page was thanked by both men and both have expressed gratitude for the help Page has given them numerous times since they began experiencing results. Hall has never taken to anything as well as he has taken to DDP's program to get his life in order. The issue most people do not realize when it comes to Hall is that he has never taken to a rehab program well because his body and brain have never allowed him.

DDP admitted that it has been hard for both men, but that they have done a great job with everything. Hall has attempted to get help so much but has never been able to take the loss of the drugs from his system once he got out of a program. The one DDP has him is for life, something that he has to go through all the time. Any addict or former addict knows how difficult it is to quit, but mostly stay done with the drugs.

WWE felt so highly that Hall got his life in order that they offered him the Hall of Fame. So if WWE, a company that has paid for so much rehab feels he has gotten his life in order then that is saying something. Sadly, WWE is not the end all, be all for the addict. Hall may be going through a depression, which is actually kind of common for former addicts. This can be especially true when they are done and feel like they need the drugs but then they have the part of them that tells them not to do something. It can be very hard.

While WWE will continue to pay for any rehab he has come up, the WWE nor anyone wants to see Hall lose this battle. Is he back on drugs? Tough to say. However, can we all but confirm he is going through some sort of tough time? Absolutely. The best we can do now is hope he stays healthy and doesn't do anything stupid. Fan of his or not, everyone wants to see Scott Hall healthy.

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