Hillary Clinton's Concussion Continues As Republican Means Of Attack

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic frontrunner for the President in 2016. Because it doesn't appear the Republicans have really anointed their front runner yet, the GOP has decided instead to focus on Hillary Clinton and try to drag her down as much as they can before she can actually be on the ballot.

Hillary Clinton was also anointed the frontrunner for the Democratic party back in 2008, but she was unseated by rising star Barack Obama and she has had to wait her turn after he was reelected in 2012. Could a concussion she suffered that same year be the thing that has her taking a backseat to her opponents this time around?

The Republican party has been raising the issue of Hillary Clinton's concussion over the last few weeks, having spent the last few months attempting to tar her with the attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi. While Americans are certainly disgusted by an attack that led to the deaths of many US Citizens, including the country's ambassador, there haven't been many polls indicating the attack during her time as Secretary of State is going to be enough to derail Hillary Clinton's aspirations.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Karl Rove is leading the charge in making Hillary Clinton's concussion more of an issue. According to Rove, Clinton's concussion might have been enough to give her brain damage and that would in turn be enough to disqualify her from the White House.

Now other Republicans are picking up the charge, including RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on Sunday. "She suffered some sort of brain injury that raises legitimate questions about whether she's healthy to serve as commander-in-chief," Priebus said on NBC's Meet the Press.

Priebus also responded to those who wonder whether this kind of an attack is beyond the pale, saying he believes Hillary Clinton's health is fair game when it comes to talk about the 2016 Presidential election. Priebus said that it was fair game for Ronald Reagan and John McCain so it should be fair game for Hillary Clinton as well.

For the Clintons' part, they claim the concussion that Hillary suffered after fainting during a particularly virulent attack of the flu has left no long lasting effects. Former President and Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton, went so far as to issue a statement about the concussion.

Despite the former first family's claims, Hillary Clinton's concussion doesn't look to be an issue that's going away anytime soon.

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