Calvin Harris Eager To Work With Spice Girls Singer Victoria Beckham

Calvin Harris is apparently a big fan of Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham. According to reports, the DJ is eager to help out with the performer's next solo project.

Although Harris recently helped out girlfriend Rita Ora with her upcoming album, apparently Harris still has some free time available to give Beckham a little assistance. Considering the guy is busy dazzling audiences in Las Vegas -- a stint that could net Calvin an addition $10 million should he decide to stick around for a while longer -- it's mind-boggling how he finds time for it all.

According to Metro, Calvin Harris is reportedly "keen" to help Victoria Beckham add a little creative fuel into her music career. While some folks are no doubt hoping the Spice Girls will get together for another album and tour, apparently Posh Spice is anxious to strike out on her own once again.

"Calvin's deadly serious about working with Victoria. He was a closet Spice Girls fan and was a huge fan of 'Out Of Your Mind,'" an anonymous source recently told the Daily Star.

The insider added, "He asked for Victoria's details and is planning to contact her about getting back into the studio. He knows it's a long shot but believes that if anyone can it's him."

Since this info comes from neither Calvin Harris nor Posh Spice, it's currently unknown if the DJ is actually helping out with her next project. However, it's not entirely far-fetched that Harris would put his magic touch on Beckham's latest musical endeavor. After all, the guy has the uncanny ability to inspire creativity wherever he goes.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Calvin served as the inspiration for Rita Ora's latest single "I Will Never Let You Down." The song will appear on the Fifty Shades of Grey actress' upcoming album, her first record to receive a proper release in the US.

Ora explained to The Daily Record:

"Writing a song like ['I Will Never Let You Down'] is one of the sweetest things anyone could do because it pinpointed how I felt. I spend a lot of time with him, so he knows me better than anyone else. It felt so perfect for me. It's about not forgetting to enjoy yourself. Sometimes I forget to do that."

What do you think about Calvin Harris possibly helping Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham with her upcoming solo album? Are you surprised that the DJ is a closet Spice Girls fan?

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