Rihanna Named As Armani’s New Face For Fall Ad Campaign

Singer superstar Rihanna will be trading in her muti-platinum selling voice for a few ad spots when she becomes the face of Armani’s fall ad campaign, a role previously held by Hollywood hottie Megan Fox.

Rihanna will be fronting both Emporio Armani Underwear ads and Armani Jeans spreads.

The ads were shot on location in New York by Steven Klein and will begin reaching an audience by September 2011.

We’re not sure how steamy the photos will be however Klein brings a steamy sense of style to his shoots and Rihanna isn’t afraid to flaunt what she’s got, as witnessed in her Nivea topless ad.

Do you think the photos will be provocative? Given the Armani name I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a “whole lot” of Rihanna.