Teen Severed Arm Reattached: Brett Bouchard Has Successful Surgery To Reattach Arm

A teen had his severed arm reattached by doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital and he's now able to move his limb up and down.

According to The New York Daily News, Brett Bouchard was cleaning a pasta machine at work when it somehow turned on and severed off his right arm just below his elbow. The 17-year-old was airlifted to Mass. General on April 24 and he has undergone numerous surgeries since.

Some believe that Bouchard's quick thinking may have saved his arm in the long-run. When the incident occurred, Bouchard quickly grabbed his belt and used it as a tourniquet before paramedics arrived. He also grabbed his severed arm to take with him to the hospital. Obviously a very gruesome scene, Bouchard remained calm and was somehow able to think straight despite what had just happened to him.

The teen who had his severed arm reattached says that he's feeling great. Brett Bouchard does face more surgeries but he says that he is focused on getting better:

"I'm feeling great. Every single day, just focused on my recovery and getting better."

Despite spending about 40 hours under the knife thus far (where doctors had to "reset bones and graft several muscles" into his arm], Bouchard seems very positive. He will likely be released from the hospital sometime next week but he will be in rehab for at least a month. His doctors say that he should be able to move his hand again once the nerve tissue grows back. Naturally, that's going to take some time.

According to ABC News, Bouchard's mother Rebecca is completely amazed in regard to what doctors have done:

"I'm truly amazed about what they have done so far. It's amazing, it's a miracle."
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating the case, trying to decide if the pasta machine that Bouchard was cleaning is considered "a piece of industrial equipment" and whether or not Bouchard was old enough to be tending to it.

The teen had his severed arm reattached by doctors skilled at performing such surgeries. Many amazing things are done in the medical field to try and save limbs and/or grow limbs back. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, doctors in China were previously able to save a man's severed hand by attaching it to his ankle. While that might sound completely crazy, the procedure ended up working and the man had his hand reattached on his arm. His doctors believed that he would regain full use of his hand in the future.

[Photo courtesy of ABC News]