She May Look Good, But What This ‘Model’ And Surfer Did To An Elderly Woman Will Make You Sick

On her Facebook page Wednesday, 30-year-old Jill Anjuli Hansen of Honolulu, Hawaii, announced that she was finally fulfilling her dream — she was about to become a professional surfer. Whether that claim was true or not, it was odd that she appeared to be in such a great mood when she made that post. Because only a few hours earlier, according to police, she deliberately ran down a 73-year-old woman with her car, after following the woman into an underground parking garage.

And two hours after making the Facebook post, Jill Anjuli Hansen was arrested on charges of attempted murder.

Police still don’t know why the blonde self-described model, whose Facebook page features numerous shots of herself in highly revealing swimwear, followed Elizabeth Conklin to the Diamond Head apartment complex at 2969 Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki shortly before noon. Some reports said the attack was a case of road rage on Hansen’s part. The attacker and victim did not know each other.

But according to witness accounts, when Conklin parked and got out of her own vehicle, Hansen hit the woman with her Volkswagen Passat. Hansen then threw the car into reverse and was about to run Conklin down a second time when Chris Khory, a maintenance worker in the building, grabbed a crowbar and smashed the rear windshield of the Passat, in an attempt to scare or distract the enraged Hansen.

It worked. The surfer jumped out of her car and ran away. Waikiki police caught up with her that evening. She is now being held on $1 million bail.

The bizarre and brutal attack was not Jill Anjuli Hansen’s first run-in with the law, or incidence of strange and dangerous behavior. She has a previous assault charge pending against her, and she was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in connection with that case.

She also is alleged to have tried, via Facebook, to hire hit man to murder her own father and his family. Her father took out a restraining order against her as a result. She is also reported to have a reputation for erratic driving that inspired fear in her neighbors in the Honolulu district of Manoa.

“We needed everybody on the lookout for her — that’s how scary it was,” said one Manoa resident. “There were probably over half a dozen people that had been adversely affected by her driving. Two people almost run over by her, one person almost had a head-on collision with her.”

Hansen has been cited for speeding three times just since February, including once for driving 72 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Commenters on Jill Anjuli Hansen’s Facebook page were not impressed with her claim to have been accepted onto the pro surfing circuit.

“The reality Jill is that you are mentally ill and need help,” wrote one.

“Hopefully she can finally get the help she needs,” wrote another. A thread on the Surfer Magazine web message boards characterized Jill Anjuli Hansen as “that crazy surfer chick.”

Elizabeth Conklin, the woman run down by Jill Anjuli Hansen, was recovering in a hospital with cuts and bruises, but apparently escaped the severe injuries that could easily have resulted from the attack.