Convicted Child Molester Strikes Again? Guess Where Police Found Him Hiding

When children complain of fictitious fears, most parents associate their phobia with imaginary myths such as the boogeyman or "monsters under their beds." Unfortunately, the Bettendorf Police Department discovered much more than that in a child's bedroom when they responded to one call at a local residence.

Convicted sex offender, Julien Martell Skipper, has landed himself in a very incriminating situation. According to the Press Citizen, police responded to a disturbance call at a Bettendorf, Iowa apartment complex. During an investigation at a neighbor's apartment, police found the 33-year-old child molester hiding under the child's bed. The incident reportedly took place on Saturday, April 19.

Skipper was initially arrested and charged with possession with intent to deliver, which was an automatic parole violation. However, more charges were added once police identified Skipper as a registered sex offender in the state of Iowa. Although his purpose for hiding was probably to avoid being arrested, given his status, being found under a child's bed is quite incriminating. Then, things only got worse once police officials discovered that he also failed to disclose a number of important details about where he was residing.

According to the police reports, he failed to notify state authorities when he relocated to the neighbor's apartment a month prior on March 9. But, it gets worse. He also failed to disclose that the neighbor had two children - ages 5 and 10 - also residing in the apartment.

On Tuesday, May 13, Skipper was charged with failure to register as a sex offender and violation of sex offender registration. Both charges are in addition to the drug-related charge that stemmed from his arrest on April 19.

Since he has history relative to the current charges, including a previous failure to register conviction, the new felony charges have been upgraded to Class D felonies.

Skipper is still in the custody of the Scott County Jail. Due to the violation of his probation, no bond has been permitted. He now faces a maximum of five years in prison.

In 2007, Skipper was convicted of lascivious acts with a minor after engaging in oral sex with a 14-year-old girl. Given his past conviction and the current charges, do you think five years is enough time in prison?

Image via Scotts County Jail