Amanda Bynes Back On Twitter, Now Looking Healthy and Happy

Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter, but this time, her tweets are far from the ones she posted during her troubled times.

Shortly after her 28th birthday, the actress shared pictures of herself on Twitter wearing a neon yellow bikini with the caption "Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes."

Just last week, Amanda again posted a picture of herself with her sister Jillian, and the caption read "Me and my beautiful sister." This is a big contrast to her previous tweets about her sister, wherein she called her ugly.

Bynes has been studying in California at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and it seems that she has her life back on track. After a barrage of legal issues, such as DUI, hit and run incidents, possession of marijuana, and angry tweets on her account, Amanda was hospitalized for 72 hours for mental evaluation. She was then transferred to a facility in Los Angeles where she sought specialized treatment.

Amanda was released from the treatment facility on December 2013, and has since been living with her family. She enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising this year, and seems to be doing well.

The recent pictures of Bynes on her Twitter account are far from the ones she posted just a year ago. Gone were the piercings, colored hair, and weaves. The Amanda everyone knew and loved is back, with her blonde hair and stylish clothes. The angry tweets and harsh comments have been deleted from her account as well.

Although many speculated that Amanda had been diagnosed with a mental disorder, her mother, Lynn Bynes, says otherwise. Lynn told US Weekly that "Amanda has no mental illness whatsoever. She has never been diagnosed as schizophrenic or bipolar." Tamar Armizak, the attorney of Bynes, also said that the actress is not on any medication and is currently living her life as healthy as possible.

According to The Daily Mail, Amanda's behavior and episodes were due to the heavy use of marijuana.

In February, the parents of Amanda, Lynn and Rick, appeared in court to discuss conservatorship. The judge on the case praised Lynn for doing a good job. "Well done," the judge said.

Since being back home with her family, Amanda has been spotted around their neighborhood looking healthy. With the big improvement in her lifestyle, Bynes may be on her way back to acting, or dominating the fashion world.

[Images via E Online]