Killer Clown Prank Video Has Scary Bozo Murdering People With A Giant Hammer

A killer clown prank video shows off a horrible version of Bozo murdering people with a giant hammer, among other gory gags.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a supposedly scary clown haunting some British towns had an interesting story to tell. It turns out the so-called killer clown was not even scary at all.

In the case of the killer clown in Italy, the pair behind making the video fully intended it to be scary. DM Pranks Productions is a two-guy outfit run by Matteo and Diego and they've already managed to rack up over 9.5 million views of their killer clown video. Matteo says the video took 10 days to make and was unique even by YouTube standards:

"I think we are doing some content never ever seen on the web, especially our social experiments and also our extreme pranks. Our social experiments are a pure eye opener for the people. On the other side we really like to do hardcore pranks like the clown one because is something unique."
The scary clown video is divided up into multiple pranks. The first shows a killer clown using a giant metal hammer to splatter a man's head when two frightened men catch the "murderer" in the act. This scene was especially difficult to make because they had to craft their own very heavy hammer:
"The clown prank has been the most difficult and risky prank we ever did. The whole process of elaborating the idea, finding spots, gathering costumes and crafting a properly hammer took something like ten days. Then the filming process has been something really long. We waited for hours and hours to find the good victims. For the clown video we decided also to avoid girls because we were worried about the fake blood. Maybe some girls could get shocked while a male might have a stronger mind."
While making such videos can be fun, they also warn that it can potentially be dangerous, especially if their unprepared victims happened to be armed with a real weapon. So just in case they prepare by looking for the perfect setup:
"This is the reason why we are at least four people while recording a dangerous scene. Also we don't reveal straight away that is a prank because people will get mad in less than a second. Once they get calm and smile we reveal the prank. It's a psychological trick that works extremely well in the end and everyone goes away smiling."
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