Ariana Grande’s Long Distance Relationship With Jai Brooks Is ‘Hard’

Ariana Grande Dating

Ariana Grande is currently in a long distance relationship with Australian entertainer Jai Brooks. Since the pair often spend quite a bit of time apart, the couple occasionally finds it difficult to spend so much time away from each other’s arms.

In case you haven’t heard, Grande recently got back together with her ex-boyfriend earlier this year. Although folks recently spotted them sharing a kiss at the iHeartRadio Music Awards earlier this month, sources believe they secretly rekindled their romance a while ago.

For those who need proof that Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks are getting cozy once again, photographic evidence of their budding romance lies below.

Here’s another recent photograph featuring the happy couple.

Since Grande and her beau are often doing their respective things in other parts of the globe, Brooks recently admitted that it’s difficult to manage a long distance relationship. However, he seems more than willing to make things work with Ariana.

“Last year when I was on tour it was pretty hard, but it’s all worth it. It’s easy to control myself around other girls, I don’t have any difficulty doing that. But it is hard at times because we miss each other,” he exclusively told Sugarscape.

For those who missed the memo, Ariana Grande temporarily kicked Brooks to the wayside while she pursued a relationship with The Wanted singer Nathan Sykes. Although the couple made beautiful music together, their romance ultimately came to a close. In fact, Grande’s experience with Sykes may have turned her off to “good guys” altogether.

“[I like a guy with] lots of tattoos… I don’t really have a type, type. But I love guys that can make me laugh. I love funny guys, I love a bad boy. I tried the good boy thing for a minute and I was like, ‘No, Oh my gosh, that won’t work,” she explained to E! Online.

Ariana Grande definitely has a lot on her plate these days. In addition to keeping her relationship with Jai Brooks going strong, she’s also preparing to unleash the follow-up to her debut album Yours Truly. “Problem,” the singer’s collaboration with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, is still going strong over at iTunes. In short: Everything’s coming up roses for Grande this year.

[Image via MTV]