WWE News: CM Punk Reveals When He Will Marry WWE Diva AJ Lee

The still WWE contracted CM Punk revealed today when he will marry his fiance and WWE Diva AJ Lee. The two have been off of WWE Television for a little while now. CM Punk left the WWE around January over disputes with management and AJ Lee left the night after WrestleMania 30, but is set to return to the WWE sometime next month. However, those plans may change.

AJ Lee was originally planned to be on WWE’s European Tour, but she ended up not being present most likely under WWE permission. The WWE gave AJ time off to get wedding plans together with her husband-to-be CM Punk. The issue that most had was that no one knew exactly when the two would tie the knot.

CM Punk finally revealed the information at Wrigley Field today when he was at a Chicago Cubs’ game. He managed to make his way into the announce booth during the game. He joked about being the third man in the booth and spoke about hockey mostly. He said that his fiance AJ and he would be getting married next month. This sets the date to sometime in June, a time in which AJ Lee is supposed to return to the WWE.

Other than the history of wrestling at the venue, they didn’t really talk about wrestling at all. He didn’t mention WWE except to say he worked in the cold at Wrestlemania 29. He said he “isn’t working much at all these days.” Punk has not escaped talking about WWE when it was brought up to him at events where he was present. He does not have a handler with him, so no one can tell him to answer or not answer something.

The main issue with WWE currently is AJ Lee. Many have come to the conclusion that CM Punk is not coming back any time soon, if ever. However, AJ Lee is still under a long-term deal and would most likely be able to sign for a much higher price when she renews her contract. So she is by no means losing out. In fact, she was Diva’s Champion for the longest time and used as the face of the Divas division.

Unlike CM Punk’s issue, she is not badly beaten up over years of wrestling and is being used well… far better than any other Diva WWE has had in some time.

Since her return is supposed to be next month, WWE most likely will allow her to return in July or potentially by Summerslam. This would allow her plenty of time for the marriage plans and honeymoon and WWE would still be able to get her back. In the meantime, WWE is really putting a lot on 21-year-old Paige to help lead the Divas Division. Summer Rae is set to come back to a big push upon her return and other WWE Divas will also be used a lot going forward. This is why we have seen a new Alicia Fox compared to the nonexistent woman we saw most of her career.

While we don’t know when either person will be returning currently, we can at least wish the two the best in their marriage next month. WWE may even do something to congratulate the couple, but who knows? Also, will any WWE Superstars/Divas be able to attend? That might be the most difficult task at the end of the day.

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