Toni Braxton Reveals: ‘I Can’t Wait To Get Married Again’

Toni Braxton admitted that her divorce from musician husband, Keri Lewis, last year hasn’t put her off the idea of getting married again. In fact, having been married to Lewis for 12 years Braxton admitted that she was still a pure romantic at heart and went even further.

She spoke to People magazine recently and revealed that in her heart of hearts she really wants to tie the knot once again, to hear the chime of wedding bells, and to be walked down the aisle. She said to the publication, using words from song titles to make her point:

“I was disappointed in love. I’d think, ‘Oh God, I’m singing ‘Unbreak My Heart,’ and ‘it’s my life!’ But now I’m in a better place. I can’t wait to get married again,” she said.

Toni Braxton, now aged 47, also spoke about her two sons Denim, 12 and Diezel, 11, revealing that she felt terribly guilty when Diezel was diagnosed with autism. She said: “I thought I was being punished for having had an abortion. But I realized there is nothing wrong with my baby. He just learns differently.”

Having won an impressive six Grammy Awards during her career, Toni Braxton said she finds herself in a happy place now. Even though she said she did struggle at first when she decided to part ways with her family group.

Nevertheless, she said once again that she felt guilty and she had to tell other people’s stories in order to tell her own. Seems that Braxton suffers a lot from guilt, despite the fact she is in a happy place, as she mentioned twice in just one interview.

Toni Braxton revealed that, despite the feelings of guilt, she found that writing her book was therapeutic: “Writing about it was therapeutic, but then I felt guilty because I had to tell a little of others’ stories to tell mine.”