Famous Elephant Killed: Mountain Bull Falls Victim To Gang Poachers

Famous Elephant Killed Mountain Bull

A famous Kenyan elephant known as “Mountain Bull” fell victim to gang poachers. CBS News reports on the damage poachers cause in the elephant population around Africa. In October of 2012, a team of conservationists and veterinarians from the Kenya Wildlife Service chased after the large animal to de-tusk him so he would be less desirable to poachers. Sizable ivory tusks are an ever-increasing magnet for black market hunters.

Fences, land, and crops suffered because of Mountain Bull. Barriers meant nothing to the giant elephant. Conservationists and rangers monitored Mountain Bull’s activity in vast, well-protected wildlife parks that allowed for expansive travel all elephants could enjoy. A GPS-GSM collar helped track his movements. Everything possible was done to keep the six-ton animal out of trouble.

Just last week, wildlife observers noticed Mountain Bull’s GPS collar wasn’t signaling; the famous Kenyan elephant had stopped moving, a rare occurrence. According to the latest CBS News report, conservationist Ian Craig called in rangers to check up on the problem. Upon investigation, dispatched rangers discovered Mountain Bull dead. Poachers killed the majestic creature within the safety confines of Mt. Kenya National Park. Spears were reportedly used to bring down the Kenyan elephant in undetected silence.

Advanced technology put Mountain Bull on the poachers’ radar day and night. No matter the degree of protection given to an animal like this, it failed him. He was killed for the small remainder of tusks he had left attached to his skull.

Daily Nation noted in their report that the impressive creature died at the age of 46. His carcass was found by game wardens — the remainder of his tusks hewn off. Efforts to sustain Mountain Bull’s lifespan provided him with 18 months of safe living conditions. Destructive behaviors by the animal were under control. No longer were fences left in shambles nor crops destroyed from the elephant’s invasions. Even the smaller size of his tusks didn’t protect him from poachers. Ivory wins in the end once again.

No animal more than Mountain Bull made a greater impact on wildlife conservation in northern Kenya, says Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. His cause was behind building a large corridor for elephants to roam freely from Samburu and Mount Kenya forest. An electric fence surrounds the landscape.

Inquisitr has reported on the disturbing demand for ivory. This article highlights how poachers go the distance in destroying elephants for it. This famous elephant killed in a protected park proves how severe the war against poachers really is.

[Image via CBS News]