Bob Dylan: Singer Plans To Release 36th Album At Age 72

Bob Dylan: Singer Plans To Release 36th Album At Age 72

Bob Dylan may be 72, but the music legend is far from slowing when it comes to releasing new music.

Fresh off the Pacific leg of his tour that took him to Japan and Hawaii, Dylan is now headed to the European leg starting this summer. The tour, aptly named the Never Ending Tour, is just a prelude to a a bigger musical endeavor.

Bob Dylan just announced that he’s releasing a new album later this year. He teased the album this week by releasing a full version of the 1945 Frank Sinatra hit “Full Moon and Empty Arms.” The song was posted on Dylan’s official website, along with some hints about the new album.

While the website didn’t say when the album would come out or what it would be titled, it did feature a picture of Bob Dylan and the words “Shadows in the Night.”

Rolling Stone speculated that the image may be an indication of a jazz-influenced album.

“With its distinct vertical bars and crisp, minimalist text, the image appears to be in the style of graphic designer Reid Miles’ iconongraphic covers for jazz label Blue Note,” writer Andy Greene noted.

Dylan released his last album, Tempest, in 2012. The album peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and was hailed by music critics.

Neil McCormick of The Daily Telegraph said the album was among the best Bob Dylan had ever released.

“Tempest is certainly his strongest and most distinctive album in a decade,” McCormack wrote. “The sound is a distillation of the jump blues, railroad boogie, archaic country and lush folk that Dylan has been honing since 2001’s ‘Love and Theft’ played with swagger and character by his live ensemble and snappily produced by the man himself.”

Bob Dylan still wields great influence in the music world. After Tempest was released in 2012, a group of artists including Reggie Watts and Built to Spill came together to record Bob Dylan in the ’80s: Volume One, cover songs from a period once considered a low point for Dylan musically.