Duck Dynasty: Move Over, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan – Uncle Si Releases Album

Duck Dynasty cast members have been in the news for more varied reasons than you can shake a cyprus switch at, from garnering a crazy following for a reality TV show to promoting their faith to making controversial comments about homosexuality to sponsoring a college bowl game and a NASCAR race. Now the show’s Uncle Si is in the news for something totally new and unexpected – he just released a country music album.

Duck Dynasty‘s Uncle Si has plenty of competition for music shoppers hard-earned dollars, going up against recent releases by the late Michael Jackson and rumors of an upcoming album by Bob Dylan (after Dylan released a single covering Sinatra). That doesn’t seem to bother the 66-year-old Duck Dynasty fan favorite.

Uncle Si recorded the EP with the help of Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn fame, according to a Fox News report. Antimusic reports the title of the album – and one of the songs Uncle Si collaborated with Kix Brooks on – is Me and My Smokin’ Hot Honey. Uncle Si claims he recorded the song as a surprise for his wife Christine, who is a big fan of Brooks – something that was mentioned at their vow renewal ceremony recently. Duck Dynasty‘s Uncle Si and Christine have been married 43 years.

According to Fox News, Uncle Si had a good time making the album and has even suggested it might indicate a future career move. The report quotes the Duck Dynasty star saying:

“I’m gonna make this my new career choice. I had a blast!”

Of course, Duck Dynasty fans know this isn’t Uncle Si’s first time in the recording studio. Diehard fans already have a copy of the Duck Dynasty cast’s Christmas album Duck the Halls.Me and My Smokin’ Hot Honey does, however, represent Uncle Si’s first solo effort.

In addition to the title track, the Duck Dynasty star’s album, which is available on iTunes features one more tune with Kix Brooks, titles “Can’t Take the Swamp Outta the Man.” Other titles include “How Much I Love You,” “Would You Marry Me Again,” “His and Hers,” “Faith,” “Hope and Love,” and “If You Can’t Dig That.”

Of course, it’s unlikely the Duck Dynasty star will need a new career right away. Between making reeds for Duck Commander duck calls, being prominently featured on Duck Dynasty — which will air for at least one more season — and publishing books full of backcountry witticisms, we’d be surprised to see Uncle Si fit in time for a world tour.