Rebecca Black, Kathy Beth Terry Prepare For Online Party

YouTube sensation Rebecca Black has been quite busy. In addition to ushering us into the weekend every “Friday” with her lovely vocals and preparing for the release of her upcoming single My Moment, the 14-year-old siren is apparently teaming up with with her BFF Kathy Beth Terry, to throw another party.

Kathy Beth Terry – for those of you scratching your heads – is the 13-year-old uber-geek alter ego of pop icon Katy Perry. Terry, whose interests on her Facebook page – already with over a half million “likes” – include the solar system, Sudoku and Weenie Babies, recently told Digital Spy that she would be hosting her next soiree on the internetz.

In Black and Terry’s last soiree, which included guests like Hanson and Kenny G, things got so wild that KBT’s parents ended up grounding her for 5 years for trashing their house.

“Due to the whole ‘grounded for the next 5 years’ thing, I’m laying low on having a lot of people over for a while. The next party will be online, that way you can all come!”

In case you missed their first shindig, they captured all of the best moments in an epic video which you can enjoy below.

via DigitalSpy