Zayn Malik’s Fiance Is Designing Her Own Wedding Dress

Zayn Malik’s fiancé is apparently a woman of many talents.

Not only is Perrie Edwards a member of the girl group Little Mix, she’s also apparently quite crafty when it comes to designing clothes. When she and Malik finally tie the knot, she’ll walk down the aisle in a wedding dress of her own design.

Instead of heading to a place like Kleinfeld Bridal in New York to pick out a wedding dress, Zayn Malik’s fiancé is putting one together herself. According to Sugarscape, just because Edwards has a very busy schedule doesn’t mean she isn’t thinking about what she’ll wear during the upcoming ceremony.

“I definitely want long sleeves. I know exactly what I want, so I’m designing it and getting it made from scratch. Not that I can draw… I’m getting Jade to do it. She’s going to draw it and I’m going to take it to somebody to make,” Edwards recently told the folks over at the Mirror.

In addition to her dress, Malik’s main squeeze also dished on the makeup she’ll wear on the big day. The singer added, “I’m gonna have natural makeup – not too natural. I don’t want to be a natural Nancy… but nice, light eye shadow with a nude lip.”

Although Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are quickly barreling towards the land of wedded bliss, the Little Mix singer still doesn’t know what kind of wedding she wants to put together. The Inquisitr previously reported that the theme is still very much up in the air.

“Perrie keeps changing her mind — one minute she wants a Disney themed wedding, then an intimate do in the UK. Her mom and friends are putting ideas in her head, showing her videos of huge weddings on YouTube. Zayn lets them get on with it but deep down he’d prefer something a bit more low-key,” an anonymous source told Now magazine earlier this year.

The insider continued, “If it was up to Zayn, it’d be just the two of them with close family. But Perrie’s imagining things on a massive scale; she wants a castle or to hire a private island.”

When are Zayn Malik and his fiancé getting married? Since their professional lives are presently packed to overflowing with work, it’s anybody’s guess when the event will take place. Considering how much coverage their wedding is receiving beforehand, it’s doubtful that the ceremony will take place without anyone hearing about it.

[Image via Fanpop]