Austin Mahone Gets A Backstage Hug From Chelsea Handler

Are Austin Mahone and Chelsea Handler an item? That’s probably what some people thought after they spotted a photo of the pair sharing a hug.

The life of a pop star is pretty rough. Not only do they get to record music in multi-million dollar studios with the best and brightest producers on the planet, they also get to perform their songs in some of the most exotic places in the world. They also occasionally get up close and personal with attractive members of the opposite sex.

Since fans are an obsessive lot, people often believe Austin Mahone dates any famous female who crosses his path. According to Beauty World, that latest celebrity to pop up on the singer’s young radar is talk show host Chelsea Handler.

Here’s the photo that started tongues wagging.

According to Latinos Post, Austin Mahone fans have absolutely nothing to worry about. While Handler is apparently a fan of the young singer, chances are there’s nothing remotely romantic taking place behind-the-scenes.

“Though the two are playful and all smiles in the image, it’s safe to say there is nothing romantic here! Many fans still wonder if the newly legal performer is seeing ‘Fifth Harmony’ singer, Cabello,” an insider explained.

The source added, “Rumors have been flying about Mahone and Cabello being a couple for some time now. But several reports had paired the ‘Banga Banga’ performer with Jenner and even Selena Gomez. However, the speculation about Mahone and the ‘X Factor’ beauty has been running for the longest time.”

Although fans have no idea who Austin Mahone is dating at the moment, at least they know what the guy is looking for in a girlfriend. During a recent chat with M magazine, the singer discussed his ideal mate.

Mahone told the publication:

“[I like] someone who’s shorter than me. Someone who likes to travel [is important] because I do a lot of traveling. Someone who likes to wake up at 3 am [is crucial] because I do a lot of that, too.”

Since Mahone has yet to officially reveal who he’s dating at the moment, fans really have a lot of theories at their disposal. However, we think it’s safe to say that Austin isn’t getting romantic with Chelsea Handler. They shared a hug and posed for a photograph, nothing more.

[Image via YouTube / “Mmm Yeah” Music Video]