Harry Styles Has ‘Confused’ Feelings For Stylist Lou Teasdale

Harry Styles reportedly has some strong feelings about One Direction hairdresser Lou Teasdale. However, he’s not entirely sure what they mean.

If the poor guy shows even the slightest bit of outward emotion towards a member of the opposite sex, people automatically assume he’s falling madly in love with her. Such is the case with Lou Teasdale, a woman who has spent a fair amount of time messing with Harry’s famous hair. Since Styles hangs out with his stylist from time-to-time, this means they’re secretly dating. Obviously.

According to Cambio, the rumors involving Harry Styles and Lou Teasdale took an interesting turn after an anonymous source told Now magazine that the hairdresser and her boyfriend are no longer an item.

“There’s a chance Lou and Tom [Atkin, who she reportedly split with] will sort things out, but Harry’s supporting Lou for now. They’re having big hearts-to-hearts all the time,” this nameless insider told the publication.

The source added, “Lou’s devastated and her priority is [daughter] Lux, but she’s grateful to have Harry in her life -– he’s good at cheering her up.”

Because this kind of situation is a pretty big deal for folks who love to talk about the many loves of Harry Styles, someone else headed to Heat magazine with a slightly different tale. According to the outlet, the One Direction singer isn’t too sure how he feels about Teasdale at the moment. From the outside looking in, it would appear that Styles is suffering from a slight case of puppy love.

“They do everything together. They’re very close and their friends overlap. Harry’s not got a lot of people he can trust and the lines could easily blur. Everyone that knows them has speculated that Harry’s in love with Lou, but he’s as confused about his feelings as anyone,” the insider dished.

The source continued, “Lou’s been there since the beginning — she and her pals have become some of the most important people in his life. He used to idolize her and Lou and Tom were the ones who changed his style and made him become a bit more hipster.”

So what should you do with all this information now that it’s implanted directly into your Styles-obsessed mind? For the moment, let’s assume that Harry is simply trying to help his friend through a rough patch in her life. After all, just because the singer and the stylist are spending some quality time together doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dating.

Do you think Harry Styles is developing feelings for his hairdresser?

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