Beer Lollipops Let You Get Your Flavor Fix By Sucking Rather Than Sipping

Sorcha Szczerbiak

If you love the taste of a good lager but want to enjoy the taste of one in an unconventional way, a company called Lollyphile has heard your plea and created a collection of beer lollipops. In addition to having a very wide assortment of options inspired by beverages like tea, coffee, wine, and beer, the online shop also caters to people who have more eclectic preferences. Some of the odder flavors available to buy include blue cheese, and even breast milk.

In an interview with Gizmodo, company founder Jason Darling makes it clear that no matter what, you shouldn't look to his business as a source of run-of-the-mill treats. As you might expect since he's endeavoring to go where no maker of lollipops has gone before, he and his team don't often stumble upon the perfect concoction of ingredients on the first try, whether they're making beer lollipops, or another variety. He explained, "...Most of the time, there's a lot of back-and-forth between me and my flavor lab.

Giving more proof that he just might be the Willy Wonka of lollipop land, Darling discussed how the people on his flavor crew are very open minded when it comes to doing whatever it takes to get it right, even if that means a whole lot of trial and error is in order. He also talked about sometimes issuing a challenge to his staff, perhaps asking them to whip up beer lollipops that are inspired by a particular brand of brew.

Reportedly, the beer lollipops were in high demand even before getting the buzz they now enjoy. In response, Darling decided to make three varieties of lollipops that mimic flavors that most readily come ti mind when people think of beer: IPA, stout and lager.

Understandably, the question that's almost certainly on your mind is whether the beer lollipops taste like the real deal. To find out, Gizmodo recruited a team of eager testers to give the treats a lick and report back. The stout was the easiest one to identify, probably because it has chocolate-like undertones. However, the IPA was apparently sometimes mistaken for a citrus lollipop rather than one made to imitate beer. As for the lager lollipop, the company website describes that one as "perfect for basically everything."

Perhaps the most important thing to note about these ambitious beer lollipops is that they're alcohol free. With that in mind, put them on the top of your gift list for a beer-loving person who has it all and craves the taste of the beverage, but can't afford to consistently be under the influence.

[Image Credit: Elite Daily]