Ninja Robbers In Florida Not So Stealthy, Ninjas Caught Trying To Be Robin Hood

Florida Mansion Robbers

The so-called ninja robbers in Florida have been going on a crime spree for quite a while now. Perhaps thinking of themselves as some sort of Robin Hood (although the one on the left would make a great Robert de Niro impersonator), these ninjas targeted multi-millionaires and robbed them while they were still in their mansions.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one teen blamed a ninja for accidentally shooting himself in the groin.

Originally, these ninja robbers were targeting mansions in the area of Naples, but they eventually moved north to greener pastures. This is how the previous crime was described:

“Homeowner Bill Kitchen lives in Windermere, Florida, and he says the ninja robbers caught he and his friend Camilo Espinol by surprise while in the carport. The ninjas bound up their hands with rope and even stuffed a pillow case over the head of poor Camilo. Now these ninja impersonators were not armed like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Instead, the weapons they chose were conventional chrome-plated guns, and one of the ninjas even stole Mr. Kitchen’s white fedora and wore it throughout the rest of the robbery.”

But these ninjas made a name for themselves based upon the way they targeted their victims. Apparently, someone gave the police a tip about their whereabouts, and deputies had the ninja robbers under surveillance.

The ninjas were allegedly busy cutting a hole in a chain link fence at the rear of a property on May 12. The residence in this case was a home that was formerly owned by *NSYNC band member Joey Fatone.

When Andres Perez, Johnathan Contreras, and Frank Bower Jr. were caught in the act, they were wearing the stereotypical black ninja garb from head to toe and they were carrying backpacks with zip ties, duct tape and guns inside, one of which was stolen from down south.

Police have not said these three men are responsible for all the crimes associated with their calling card, but investigators were previously trying to tie them to at last five other mansion robberies. All three former ninja robbers are now sitting in the Orange County jail… assuming they don’t manage to pull off a ninja vanish.

[Image via Orange County Correct Corrections]