Kim Raver Shocked By ’24’ Season 9 Plot Twist [Video]

Kim Raver

Kim Raver has been with the TV show 24 since Season 4 as the character Audrey Raines, but even the actress found the latest scripts to be surprising.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, you might know that Kim Raver used to be part of the Grey’s Anatomy cast as Teddy Altman, but do you know where the rest of the cast is nowadays?

24: Live Another Day is a little bit different from the old formula. While the newest TV series still uses the old formula of covering all of the events in a single 24 hour day, since 24 Season 9 is only 12 episodes long it would be physically impossible to do the same. Instead, each episode will cover a single hour but certain hours in the one day will be skipped over, jumping forward in time between certain episodes.

But that’s not the only thing that will be different. As of this moment, 24 Season 9 TV show is still being filmed for some of the remaining episodes. Kim Raver says she was reading some of the new scripts and some of the surprises were so shocking she reacted as many normal viewers might:

“I know some of the secrets, and then literally some I don’t. I literally gasped out loud. The writers are so good that they create moments where, you know, it’s still a page turner.”

Since the newest TV mini series is set four years after 24 Season 8, Raver’s character Audrey is now married to someone else. Audrey thought that Jack was dead, which explains why they used the hashtag #JackIsBack, but Raver says #AudreyIsBack would be just as appropriate:

“She’s kind of finding her voice. Especially with that twist, that Jack is back and ‘how could you not tell me?’… So… I really find that Audrey is kind of coming back as well.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Kim Raver back in 24 Season 9?