Sheriff’s Deputy Loretta Hernandez Didn’t Respond To A Call Because She Was, You Know, ‘Busy’

Loretta Hernandez

Loretta Hernandez, a 39-year-old deputy with the Rockdale County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Department, turned in her gun and badge Thursday and started looking for other employment. And it was all because Hernandez had a problem telling the difference between the time for business and, well, business time.

Hernandez was placed on administrative leave back on April 25 when the department first became aware of her on-duty extracurricular activities. But on May 15, Hernandez resigned her position rather than face a disciplinary hearing where she likely would have been fired.

“In at least two of the incidents, she was in her full uniform and in her marked RCSO patrol unit in public,” said Rockdale County Sheriff’s spokesperson Cpl. Michael Camp. “In the third incident, Deputy Hernandez, while on duty, was outside of her patrol car inside a local business that was closed.”

Loretta Hernandez admitted to all three instances of engaging in sexual activity while on the job, and in uniform. Or maybe out of uniform when she should have been in uniform.

In one of the instances, Hernandez admitted that she received a call from the sheriff’s department dispatcher, but she didn’t respond to the call until she finished up the act she was performing at the time.

Her partner in the on-duty sex was the same person in all three incidents. The sheriff’s department gave out no further details of the acts that took Hernandez away from her duties.

Loretta Hernandez resigned at the same time that another Rockdale County deputy, 26-year-old Chad Stuarte, stepped down after being arrested on a domestic violence charge May 3. Stuarte admitted firing his service weapon into the floor of his own home.

Chief Deputy Scott Freeman called the resignations of Loretta Hernandez and Chad Stuarte, “truly embarrassing to each of the hardworking men and women of the RCSO. The actions of both deputies are both disappointing and heartbreaking for them, their families and for all of the members of RCSO.”

Loretta Hernandez might be more comfortable in Hawaii, where state law allows undercover police officers to have sex with prostitutes as part of their investigative work.