Is ‘Godzilla’ Too Fat? Director Gareth Edwards Responds To Japanese Fans’ Complaints

Is Godzilla too fat?

Some Japanese fans are apparently complaining that the latest Godzilla is too fat, at least compared to the 1998 version of the movie and director Gareth Edwards is responding to the criticism.

Here is a side by side comparison of Godzilla in 1998 and the 2014 version: interviewed the Godzilla director, who is exhausted after spending roughly 13,500 hours (about six-years) making this movie, but he is not complaining, however, he has something to say about the suggestions that his monster is fat, as some Japanese fans have complained:

“I think it’s probably two people online. It’s comments like that that give giant monsters image complexes. Godzilla’s not fat, he’s big-boned. It’s comments like that that make monsters angry, so maybe Japan will be next.”

Feeding on all the hype of the awaited sci-fi flick — which opened Friday — a group of scientists attempted to analyze what Godzilla’s anatomy would look like in practical terms and concluded that it would be an incredible monster indeed.

Godzilla anatomy diagram

As it is noted, the beast would weigh a whopping 164,000 tons, which according to the scientists that participated in the “study” wouldn’t come even close to the largest animal known to have roamed planet Earth, the 100-ton Argentinosaurus, which stood 70-feet tall and 115-feet long.

But Edwards doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the suggestions that his Godzilla is fat and is eager for fans to see the fruits of his hard labor, which is finally being realized. He also discussed how the monster’s mighty roar was created this time around:

“Erik Aadahl, who’s the sound designer…took me aside and he let me in on the secret. But, I promised I’d never, ever say anything. I will say that it’s as obscure and bizarre as running a leather glove down a double bass. The one thing they did use, which is new, are these scientific microphones that can record really high frequencies and when you slow them down to normal speeds, you get this effect that is like slow motion on a camera. You can record all kinds of weird sounds like the squeaking of a chair and when you hear it back it’s like the scream of a massive animal. They just went around and recorded hundreds and hundreds of unique sound effects with these microphones. That opened up a whole new world for the sound of the movie.”

Now if that’s not cool, we can’t imagine what is.

What do you think about Japanese fans saying Godzilla is too fat?

[Image via Angelus 23/Deviantart]