Idaho Same-Sex Marriage Activists Trade Party For Rally To Show Support

Sorcha Szczerbiak

Earlier this week in Idaho, a federal judge overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriage, and said couples could start tying the knot as of this morning. In response, same-sex marriage supporters had planned to have a party today to celebrate the ruling.

However, as of yesterday, the original ruling was put on hold so an appeals court can review the case and have their say. Showing an impressive amount of versatility, the same-sex marriage activists changed course after hearing the news and decided although today's event was originally supposed to be a celebratory affair, it needed to be a rally for same-sex marriage rights instead.

In an article published by USA Today, a Boise resident named Selina Heck is hopeful that she'll soon be able to marry her partner of 19 years, but says the delay is "disappointing." Emily Walton, another local resident, was responsible for initially organizing the event that was supposed to be a celebration of good news. Local stores also donated coffee and cake. One of the cakes read "Congratulations, everyone! We did it!" and caused some people to joke that putting the word "almost" into the sentence would have been more appropriate.

Quoted in an article from the Idaho Statesman, Walton admitted she was afraid her event would be a bust after the development that same-sex marriage ceremonies could not go ahead. However, same-sex marriage activists proved they were still up for speaking their minds, and took to Facebook to say that they'd show up to today's event. They were true to their words, even though it was now a rally against an unfortunate turn of events for those hoping to finally enjoy a legal marriage.

Maria May-Chang and Jody Mary-Chang are two people who must wait at least a little longer before their marriage is legal in Idaho. They were already granted the right to a same-sex marriage in Washington state, and Jody says, "We just want to have our marriage recognized in Idaho."

Judge Candy Dale ruled Tuesday that a ban on same-sex marriage in Idaho was unconstitutional. A stay was granted by the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and a longer-term stay is currently being considered. Although this development is almost certainly disheartening for couples who are waiting to take part in marriage, it's at least very encouraging that same-sex marriage activists are willing to rise in spite of challenges and take a stand even when circumstances change quickly.

[Image Credit: Kyle Green/Idaho Statesman]