You Won’t Believe How This Dog Lived. Watch Its Dramatic Rescue — But That’s Not Even The Best Part

Hope For Paws is a nonprofit animal rescue organization in Los Angeles founded by Eldad Hagar and his wife Audrey. Eldad Hagar is the guy you call when an animal’s situation appears hopeless.

“We tend to rescue the most miserable dogs who need a lot of help,” says Hagar, who previously volunteered for various animal rescue groups. But the animals he saved had extremely serious health issues, and for many of those cash-strapped groups, that was a problem.

“It’s really hard for these organizations to get $3,000 and then we go and spend it all in one day on a single surgery,” he said.

That’s what led Hagar to found his own group, Hope For Paws. As tireless as Hagar is when it comes to saving sick and desperate dogs and cats, he is just as tireless at fundraising, without which his mission would be impossible. He even raised enough recently to purchase a new Toyota Highlander, for use as a “rescue vehicle.”

With sometimes more than a 20 rescues in a single day, a reliable vehicle that is large and comfortable enough for a seriously ill animal is essential.

One of Hagar’s best fundraising techniques is his habit of video-recording many of his most dramatic rescues. You can see many of these videos on his YouTube channel and the Hope For Paws Facebook page.

But we’re going to show you one here that brought us to tears. This video is difficult to watch at first because the adorable and loving girl that you see in the above picture, Miley, was trapped in desperate conditions. She had lived as a stray for months — in a trash heap.

As you’ll see in the video, she had almost every medical issue a dog can have, and saddest of all, seemed to have lost much of her will to live.

But that all changed when our hero and hers, Eldad Hagar, got to her. Don’t just watch this video to see Miley’s rescue. Stick around to the end. It gets even better — and you’ll see why Miley and other abandoned dogs like her, deserve all of the love they can get.

Because no matter what terrible conditions they endure, they have plenty of love to give back.