Halo 5: Female Spartan In Release Date Photo Is Cortana Or Sarah Palmer?

Could Halo 5's female spartan shown in the Halo 5 release date announcement be either Cortana or Sarah Palmer?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Halo TV series originally started life as fan fiction written as a Halo movie script. Also, the US Army is working on a new helmet design that looks almost exactly like the Halo helmet used by ODST troopers, although it also resembles the Master Chief in some ways. Unfortunately, the Halo 5: Guardians announcement seems to squash any chance that 343 will be releasing episodic gaming in addition to the Halo TV series.

I probably do not need a spoiler alert at this point, but if you have not finished Halo 4 then you probably do not want to continue reading. With that out of the way, anyone who has played Halo 4 knows that Cortana sacrifices herself at the end of the game in order for Master Chief to defeat his enemy. The first time we saw Chief again in the earlier Halo 5 trailer he was still wearing Cortana around his neck on a chain. We also saw that he was on another world facing off against a giant mechanical monster, possibly something built by the Forerunners.

Microsoft has already announced that Halo 5 is part of the Reclaimer Saga and that title alone gives us some hints to the plot. Besides humanity reclaiming what was once theirs as the Forerunners, the other possibility represented by the Halo 5 female spartan is that Cortana is given a cybernetic body. The other idea assumes the female spartan is Sarah Palmer. Besides that Halo 5 plot possibility, one of the things I hope is indicated by the Halo 5 female spartan is that CoOp mode may play out similar to Halo 2, where the second player was the Arbiter and also had special abilities separate from Master Chief. We may also get to enjoy branching story lines again.

Unfortunately, while it's been fun to speculate, the so-called Halo 5 female spartan is not a woman at all. Halo's Senior PR Manager Rob Semsey has already confirmed that "it's not Palmer and it is not a girl." The rumors about a Halo 5 Cortana character were also shot down on Twitter:

With these answers it also rules out the character being a Spartan, as well. So where does that leave us with the rumor mill? The only three remaining options is that this definitely female-looking character is either an alien, a slim cyborg, or it's an android. I'm actually leaning toward the third option myself since we know from Halo 4 that humanity's precursors had been working on converting themselves into digital versions, so it's possible one of these people has given themselves an android body in order to fulfill the role of a Guardian.

Are you disappointed the so-called Halo 5 female spartan will not be Cortana?