Zayn Malik Warns Fans Of ‘Imposters’ On Twitter

Zayn Malik One Direction Maryum Malik

Zayn Malik recently warned his fans and followers that some of his family members on Twitter are nothing more than nefarious impostors.

If you’re like most Malik supporters on the planet, then you want to know every possible detail about the guy’s personal life. What better way to fill your brain with Zayn-oriented info than going straight to the source? Unfortunately, some people feel the inexplicable urge to pose as his relatives on the micro-blogging site.

For example, Zayn Malik’s aunt Maryum recently revealed that the Twitter account for the One Direction singer’s mom is actually operated by one of the aforementioned impostors. Although her ruse is certainly elaborate — she event posted a baby pic of Zayn not too long ago — she’s not the genuine article.

Here’s the tweet from Malik that kicked things off.

Since the tweet doesn’t make a lot of sense in and of itself — this writer was admittedly confused by the singer’s post — his aunt took a moment to clear things up. In case you were wondering, Maryum isn’t one of the so-called “imposters.”

Since her work is apparently never done, Zayn Malik’s aunt also addressed the ever-present rumors regarding the singer’s relationship with Perrie Edwards. If you’re weirdly concerned about the status of their romance, then take a look Twitter embed below. That should help get you through until the next batch of unsubstantiated gossip comes along.

As odd as it may sound, this isn’t the first time someone related to Zayn has jumped to his defense this week. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer’s sister took issue with an anonymous hater who criticized the guy for his “rudeness.” It’s clear that the Malik’s family isn’t a group you want to mess with on social media. They will shut your nonsense down in a heartbeat.

“Seriously you’ve made an account because you said Zayn’s rude? But then your sat there yourself hiding behind you’re screen. Saying horrible stuff to him? Get a life seriously you pathetic piece of s***!” she posted. Yikes.

Today’s lesson is pretty simple: Be very suspicious of people on social media who say they’re related to Zayn Malik — or any celebrity for that matter. Chances are they’re just trying to mess with your head.

[Image via Brunch News]