Scooter Braun Skips Justin Bieber Deposition, Files Motion To Seal Testimony

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun failed to appear at a Thursday deposition for a paparazzo-led lawsuit against the star and instead filed a motion to seal his future testimony.

Scooter Braun, the longtime manager of Justin Bieber missed a scheduled deposition for a lawsuit brought by a paparazzo against Bieber artist, instead filing a motion via his lawyers asking a Florida judge to seal his deposition testimony.

Bieber is currently being sued in a civil assault lawsuit by Miami paparazzo Jeffrey Binion.

Binon alleges Bieber ordered his bodyguards to confront him on June 5, 2013 after he was spotted taking pics of the then 19-year-old outside Miami’s Hit Factory Recording Studio.

Justin was later grilled by Binion’s attorney, Mark DiCowden, in an infamous four-and-a-half-hour videotaped deposition on March 6, in which he was asked a number of widely scoped questions.

The singer was widely mocked in the press after TMZ leaked clips of the deposition, which showed Bieber giving (mostly) evasive and flippant answers to DiCowden’s probes.

TMZ reports Braun said he will not allow himself to be hijacked on video by an “assclown” attorney, who some think is intentionally using gossip media outlets to generate baseless claims about Bieber ahead of Braun’s previously scheduled deposition.

The manager’s lawyer filed a motion asking Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge Sarah Zabel to seal his videotaped deposition testimony.

The gossip site adds Braun’s lawyer alleges in the legal documents that DiCowden leaked Justin’s deposition to TMZ.

It is also possible DiCowden leaked details about Bieber’s deposition to a South Florida tabloid, which is a rumor..

Scooter told TMZ Binion’s attorney is “an assclown looking for publicity” and he will not be a part of the circus he believes DiCowden has made of the Binion case.

The website adds Braun and his lawyer believe DiCowden intend to ask irrelevant, highly speculative questions specifically designed to “poison a jury against Justin.”

One example of this is In Touch Weekly, which recently quoted DiCowden as saying he wanted to question Braun about “anything” that could make Bieber “aggressive” in their report.

It’s reasonable to assume DiCowden would have known InTouch’s story alleged Bieber was using steroids..

The tabloid is just one of many bottom-feeder outlets DiCowden had given soundbites to about Bieber, his former girlfriend Selena Gomez and Braun.

In Touch, which was recently exposed making up a claim that Gomez miscarried Bieber’s baby, also published purported quotes by a source alleging steroids were the root cause of Justin’s alleged “aggressive” behavior.

However, the steroid use claim is not evidentially supported by a toxicology report which was released January 31 following Bieber’s arrest on suspicion of DUI, and TMZ reports Braun’s lawyer called the steroids allegation “absurd” in his motion.

DiCowden may want to revise his modus operandi in the Binion lawsuit.

Judges, especially seasoned circuit court judges, historically take a dim view of damages-chasing attorneys allegedly attempting to taint jury pools in lawsuits by using gossip sites..