Hunter Hayes Tops The Billboard Country Albums Chart

Hunter Hayes has another hit record on his hands.

Thanks his legion of loyal fans and a plethora of positive reviews, the country music star’s latest outing, Storyline, sold approximately 69,000 copies during its first week on retail shelves. Although this number may not seem very big compared to the units other artists move on a regular basis, Hayes reportedly enjoyed his best SoundScan week thus far.

Billboard reports that Hunter Hayes’ sophomore album found its way to the very top of the Country Albums chart this week. Here’s the kicker: The album’s single, “Invisible” hasn’t worked its way into the Top 10 on country radio stations as of this writing. Now that’s impressive.

Of course, the Billboard Country Albums chart isn’t the only place you can find Hunter Hayes’ latest effort these days. Country Weekly points out that the record debuted at number three on the Hot 200 chart. The only albums more popular with music fans were Now 50 and the Frozen soundtrack, the latter of which continues to sell an impressive number of copies months after its initial release.

During his chat with Yahoo! Music, Hayes revealed that he still has a ton of unreleased material just hanging out in the vault. The singer also admitted that he doesn’t spend too much time worrying when he’s going to take some time off.

“I’m horrible at that… I have made the effort recently [to relax]. But, I do what I love. It is a vacation,” Hunter told the outlet.

If Hayes didn’t have such a strong work ethic, then he probably wouldn’t have broken the Guinness World Record for the most concerts performed in a 24-hour period. The previous record was held by indie darlings the Flaming Lips, a band Hunter was opening for when they played eight shows in a single day. This ultimately inspired Hunter to follow in the group’s footsteps.

The “Invisible” singer explained to

“I definitely spent the entire trip home thinking about how we could maybe try it and attempt it and maybe even get a couple more shows in there. I remember looking on the map and texted my manager and said, ‘I think we could do maybe nine if not even 10.’ I thought it was nuts and apparently so did they but not nuts enough to not do it. We all decided it was a good idea and we’ve wanted to try it since.”

Are you surprised that Hunter Hayes’ sophomore album Storyline found its way to the top of the Billboard Country Albums chart?

[Image via NPR]