'Alarming' Gonorrhea Superbug Discovered by Scientists

Gonorrhea- or 'the clap,' as it's colloquially known- has been more easily treatable since the advent of antibiotics... something of which we were knee-crossingly reminded of in the first season of Boardwalk Empire.

But scientists have discovered a new strain of gonorrhea, one that is considered a 'superbug.' The H041 strain of gonorrhea is resistant to cephalosporins, the class of antibiotics generally used to treat gonorrhea. Superbugs like the H041 strain of gonorrhea have adapted to survive the use of antibiotics, and present a challenge for doctors to treat effectively.

In a press release to health professionals, the CDC reports:

Currently, treatment of gonorrhea with cephalosporins does remain effective, and no cases of treatment failures have been seen in the U.S... To date, a small number of isolated cephalosporin treatment failures have been recently reported in other parts of the world, including Norway, Japan and other parts of Asia. Previous treatment failures and experience, coupled with recent findings, suggest that cephalosporin-resistant strains of gonorrhea are likely to develop in the U.S. in the coming years.
The CDC urges health professionals to immediately report any suspected cases of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea.