Bill To Protect Women From Being Tricked Or Forced Into Taking Abortion Pills Called Senseless By Democratic Party Chair

A bill is set to be signed into law in Florida that would protect women from being tricked into taking an abortion pill, but the Democratic Party Chairwoman calls the measure “senseless,” “extreme,” and “wrong.”

Remee Lee is glad that the bill has passed. She says that she has been living a nightmare ever since her boyfriend relabeled a bottle of Cytotec abortion pills and tricked her into her into aborting their baby last year, a baby that she wanted.

The “Remee Lee bill,” as the Offenses Against Unborn Children Act is sometimes called, is neither a pro-life bill, nor a pro-choice bill. It does not address the issue of whether abortion is right or wrong. The aim is to criminalize those who would trick a woman into killing the unborn fetus or baby without the woman’s knowledge or consent, which includes giving them an abortion pill. It makes it “a separate crime to cause the death or injury of an unborn child at any stage of development during an attack on a pregnant woman.” It would seem to be a measure that both sides of the aisle could agree on.

However, that does not appear to be the case, at least where the Democratic Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is concerned. She told WFSU that the bill is extreme, senseless, and wrong, and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

But is it?

Remee Lee’s boyfriend, John Andrew Weldon, was able to obtain the Cytotec abortion pills, and relabel them as an antibiotic, to trick his girlfriend into aborting their baby. Remee was seven weeks pregnant at the time, when she began having severe abdominal pain after taking just one of the abortion pills. She describes the pain to ABC “like someone had shoved a bayonet into my stomach.”

Woman Tricked Into Abortion Pill

That same year, a NYC man slipped several of the abortion pills into his lover’s vagina while they were having sex, resulting in the stillbirth of their 14-week baby. The NY Post reports that the girlfriend began experiencing intense pain, and went to the hospital. During the stillbirth, doctors removed and identified two Cytotec pills.

A celebrity restaurant owner was reported by The Inquisitr in 2012 as being charged with slipping abortion pills, identified as misoprostol which is the generic name for Cytotec, to his girlfriend.

In a horrific case, again in 2013, a London cabdriver tied up his mistress and forcibly inserted at least four Cytotec pills into Irene Santos after a sexual encounter because she had become pregnant and he did not want his wife to find out. According to the Daily Mail, she had refused to go to the abortion appointment that he had set up. After he forced the abortion pills into her, she gave birth to their 19-week baby, who lived for about ten minutes before an ambulance could arrive.

Cytotec is an ulcer drug that is commonly used off-label to induce labor or to induce abortion. It carries a black-box warning label from the FDA indicating that it should never be used on a pregnant woman. Yet it is commonly used by medical professionals in clinical settings, despite multiple warnings from a myriad of varied interests. The drug can, and does, kill women. The dangerous little pills are increasingly being obtained on the streets and online by men like those above to get rid of unwanted babies, babies that their lovers have chosen to keep.

The “Remee Lee bill” is about protecting women from being forced into abortions by unscrupulous lovers. Wasserman Schultz has said that she is a strong supporter of women’s choice. But where is the choice when women are tricked or forced, against their will, to take an abortion pill? What do you think about Wasserman Schultz’s reaction to the Florida bill?

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