Aaron Hernandez Indicted On Additional Murder Charges, To Be Tried After Odin Lloyd Verdict

Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez has been indicted on two additional murder charges. The charges stem from a 2012 drive-by shooting, in which police believe Hernandez shot three people, killing two and injuring the third. According to TMZ, Hernandez was leaving Cure Nightclub in Boston on July 16, 2012 when he allegedly shot and killed 28-year-old Daniel Abreu and 29-year-old Safiro Furtado. Both men were described as “innocent” with no ties to any gangs.

According to the report:

“Officials say they have the murder weapon… a.38 caliber revolver… which they believe Hernandez used to kill the two men.”

If this is the case and Hernandez’s DNA can be linked to the gun, it’s going to be extremely difficult for his lawyers to come up with something that would suggest reasonable doubt.

Hernandez is also facing a murder charge following the death of Odin Lloyd, but police have not located the gun used in that shooting, which gives Hernandez a bit of an edge.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Aaron Hernandez was indicted on assault charges at the beginning of the month. He allegedly got into a fight with another inmate at the Bristol County Jail, where he is being held without bail. Hernandez was also accused of making verbal threats to a prison guard, allegedly saying he would “shoot and kill” the guard.

Many believe that Hernandez will spend the remainder of his life behind bars and he certainly isn’t doing himself any favors if he’s fighting other inmates and threatening guards.

Aaron Hernandez was a star tight end for the New England Patriots and had many fans. However, people seemed to have no idea that the tight end was living a double life. Some even wonder if his girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, knew what her beau was up to when he wasn’t on the field.

ABC News reports:

“Hernandez’s alleged drug use will play a key role as prosecutors build a timeline to explain how a professional football standout could be capable of cold-blooded murder. Investigative sources told ABC News that Hernandez was a heavy-user of PCP, marijuana and alcohol.”

In all three shooting deaths, investigators believe that Hernandez was the man who pulled the trigger. It sounds like there is enough evidence to convict Hernandez but it will be months before he is back in court. And the proceedings could take even longer.

[Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Beall / Wikimedia Commons]