‘Ultra Street Fighter 4’ Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses Announced [Video]

The Ultra Street Fighter 4 release date has been announced alongside pre-order bonuses for early buyers. For months, Capcom teased us with news about another update to their blockbuster fighting game, claiming new gameplay mechanics and five more characters were on their way.

Four of those characters were directly taken from previous titles. Poison and Hugo first made their debut in Final Fight as bad guys, Elena made her way from the Street Fighter 3 series, and Rolento first appeared in the original Street Fighter as another bad guy. Decapre, though having never been in a Street Fighter game as a playable character before, is technically a Cammy clone with psycho powers, one of M. Bison’s (in the US) Dolls.

Many fans were annoyed by the fact that Capcom called Decapre a brand new character when she was basically a combination of characters we’ve seen before. Others consider her a new enough character to qualify as what Capcom stated. She wouldn’t be the first character in the Street Fighter 4 series to be a copy of an older character. Ryu alone has probably seen more versions than any other fighter except Akuma.

Ultra SF4 is also adding Red Focus Attacks and Ultra Combo Doubles (which lower the damage each part gives as a trade-off). These elements might be a complete game changer when EVO 2014 hits.

The Ultra Street Fighter 4 release date has been set for June 3 and 4 (depending on your console), so if you want those Ultra Street Fighter 4 pre-order bonuses, you’ll have less than a month to reserve a copy.

The bonuses include new outfits for several characters, like a gladiator suit for Decapre, a red wizard hood for Rolento, a medieval executioner outfit for Hugo, a pirate outfit for Poison (complete with rapier), and a jungle outfit with face paint for Elena.

The Ultra Street Fighter 4 trailer also shows off a few stages; one with dinosaurs in the background, one which appears to be a Japanese dojo at night, one being a skateboarding ramp complete with rolling skaters, and one a truck stop with hulking semi trailers and cabs in the background.

Are you ready for another round of fighting when the Ultra Street Fighter 4 release date arrives?

[image via cinemablend]