This Innovative Product Could Help You Quit Smoking, Yet Support Your Habit

The Quitbit Is A Special Lighter That Tracks your Habit To Encourage You To Quit Smoking

Most people find it’s certainly not easy to quit smoking. In addition to battling the physical cravings during nicotine withdrawal, there are mental symptoms to battle when a person’s brain tricks him or her into thinking lighting up and taking a puff or two is the only option. However, a new intelligent cigarette lighter called the Quitbit could help make it more possible to quit.

Some might say the product tries to help you quit smoking by making you feel guilty. The lighter is equipped with a heating coil that creates a flame. As soon as you light up though, an associated app starts tracking your habit.

According to the product’s website, the goal is to allow you to “leverage the power of self-awareness” in order to quit smoking. Perhaps you were under the impression that you only smoke an average of four cigarettes per day, but the Quitbit reveals that you really tend to smoke at least twice that many, and a few extras on weekends. By getting data while you aim to quit smoking, you might ultimately see it’s even more important to kick the habit than you realized.

An interview with Mashable discussed how the product was developed by two people who were trying to quit smoking and discovered there wasn’t a good way to keep track of the number of cigarettes smoked per day. The app that goes along with the lighter could also help you determine whether there are patterns to your smoking. Maybe you are much more likely to smoke during work hours or perhaps the tendency goes up during the evening. Whatever the case may be, it’s now possible to gain insight about your habit, so you may feel more empowered to give it up.

You can also use the device along with other nicotine cessation aids, such as electronic cigarettes and patches that are applied to the skin. As a user, you’ll gain access to a community of other people who are also trying diligently to quit smoking. Some might say that’s almost as useful as the physical item, especially if you’re having a bad day and need support from others who are enduring the struggle of breaking the habit.

Even though your ultimate goal may be to quit smoking, the Quitbit also allows you to set other milestones along the way. Once you have evidence you’re steadily making progress, it may prove your journey to quit smoking isn’t as hard as you may have initially thought. This product gives you the flame that’s necessary to light up, but could help you stop wanting to light up, too.

[Image Credit: Quitbit]