Boy Stands Up To Bullying And Confronts His Entire Class, His Response Will Make You Want To Stand Up And Cheer

In this inspiring video, a heroic young boy stands up to bullying and confronts his entire class in the middle of physical education.

Jake’s story is told within the campaign, The BULLY Project, and it shows just how brave the young man is as he has not chosen to accept his circumstances, but instead to stand up to bullying and speak out.

According to Upworthy, Jake is now a junior in high school and is doing wonderfully after confronting his bullies.

“Bullying has had a big impact on my life, but since the movie I’ve made a lot of friends. Recently, I have joined my high school football team! At first I thought they would all be complete jerks, but actually they are pretty cool guys and have helped me through a lot of situations — they stand up for me,” says Jake.

“For other kids with autism, if you’re getting bullied, try and tell them to stop and not give a reaction — if that doesn’t work, go to an adult. It might seem hard cause we can’t handle stress as well as other kids, but you will get through it and you’ll be awesome — actually you already are!”

“Bullying does not make you cool — you might think you are on the top of the food chain — but you’re not going to be there forever.”

If you would like to check out The BULLY Project, you can visit their Facebook or website for more information.

Have you ever been picked on and stood up to your bully? Do you wish you had or had not done things differently? Feel free to share your story.