Austin Mahone Has No Desire To Attend Prom

Austin Camila Cabello

Austin Mahone certainly isn’t like most teenagers.

Although high school students across the country are getting ready for prom, the “Mmm Yeah” singer isn’t spending too much time worrying about what to wear to the annual dance. In fact, Mahone said that he has no plans to attend the event this year. Considering the guy has a batch of new songs to promote, this really isn’t too shocking.

During a brief chat with the folks at Yahoo! News, Austin discussed where he stands on the prom. In short: Fans won’t catch the guy cutting a rug in a rented tuxedo anytime soon. Apparently, Mahone has more important things to do than dance around with a group of strangers.

“I never went to prom and I don’t really care about prom either. I’d much rather be traveling the world and doing way cooler things than dancing with random people,” he explained.

Instead of hanging out with “random people,” MTV News reports that Austin Mahone spent some quality time with Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello. The website claims the two were recently spotted together during “movie night,” although nobody seems willing to call this encounter by its proper name; a date.

Check out this dark and somewhat sinister photo of the pair hanging out together. That “No Trespassing” sign is kind of ominous, but Mahone probably isn’t paying too much attention to the writing on the wall.

Mahone told Sugarscape earlier this year that he wasn’t dating Camila. Since that was a few months ago, things may have changed regarding their rumored romance. Besides, the unwritten Celebrity Code of Dating requires famous folks to deny their relationships for months before finally spilling the beans.

“I really like Rihanna, and Camila Cabello’s cute too… The rumors are definitely not true, we’re just friends and I think she’s cute. She’s doing really well [on tour with Demi Lovato],” he previously said.

However, the lack of a proper confirmation hasn’t stopped Austin Mahone and Camila Cabella from hanging out and taking pictures together. The photographic evidence lies below.

Are you surprised that Austin Mahone isn’t going to the prom this year? If he decided to attend the dance, do you think he would bring along Camila?

[Top Image via Sun Life Stadium]