Casey Kasem Found: Missing Radio Legend Located Alive In Washington State

Casey Kasem has been found alive and well after reportedly being kidnapped by his wife and remaining missing for days.

On Wednesday, Kasem’s daughter Kerri filed a missing person’s report with the Santa Monica police, but within hours authorities said they had found Casey Kasem in Washington.

“He’s already been found. He was somewhere in the Pacific Northwest,” Sgt. Mario Toti told the Daily News.

Kerri said she was still learning details about her father’s location, and did not know yet if he was in good health.

“If they found him, I want to know if he’s alright. We haven’t heard anything. We just want to know he’s okay,” she told the Daily News.

Casey Kasem has been at the center of a family drama in recent months. In October, his adult children filed for conservatorship over their father, claiming that his wife Jean Kasem was failing to properly care for him and keeping the children from seeing their father.

Casey has reportedly been in failing health and was even reported to be on his death bed.

The drama kicked up this week when a judge granted a medical conservatorship to Kerri, but Casey could not be found. A lawyer for Jean Kasem said he did not know the whereabouts of the radio icon.

On Wednesday, Kerri Kasem said she believed her father had been “kidnapped” by Jean, and pleaded for help in locating him.

“In my opinion, Jean is worried about us meeting again,” Kerri said. “She’s worried about the money. She thinks we’re going to get him to change the will. She’s out of her mind. As I’ve said all along, we’re not going to contest the will. We’re all successful enough on our own. She can take the house. We just want our dad back,” she said.

Now that Casey Kasem has been found, the family plans to move forward with their plans to care for him.

“Now that it’s official, they can move forward with their plan,” said family spokesman Danny Deraney. “Today is a week since he was last in his nursing home, and they don’t know if he’s been taking his medication. The fact that he’s been away from his medical care is a big deal and they’re scared something serious could happen with his health.”

Details on exactly where Casey Kasem was found are still murky, and there is not yet word on his condition.