Will Solange Knowles Spoof Jay-Z Fight On ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Solange Knowles May Turn Fight Into Comedy

Solange Knowles wants to tell the world that everything between her, Jay-Z, and Beyonce is OK. And the one way that she thinks will work best is if she turns the violent incident in the elevator into a sketch for the season finale of Saturday Night Live.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, footage from an elevator at New York City’s The Standard Hotel shows Solange Knowles attacking Jay-Z after an event. There hasn’t been a definitive reason as to why Knowles attacked the Grammy-winning artist, but one report suggests it could have to do with his close relationship with fashion designer Rachel Roy.

Whatever may be the real reason, a source told HollywoodLife.com that Solange is looking to reassure that everything is fine by making people laugh at the whole ordeal. An unnamed source told the website that she was talking with people from Saturday Night Live about doing a “possible skit on the fight.”

However, the representative for Solange Knowles is telling a different story:

“I can confirm that Solange is not appearing on Saturday Night Live.”

If Solange does end up making an appearance on the long-running NBC show, her sketch will air during the finale this Saturday, May 17, which is being hosted by alumnus Andy Samberg. Knowles and Samberg have worked together in the past, when she teamed up with his band, The Lonely Island, for the song, “Semicolon.”

And even if Solange Knowles doesn’t appear on Saturday Night Live, one company has already used the incident for comedy and marketing purposes. According to The Telegraph, Anya Hindmarch took advantage of the fact that Knowles had their Crisp Packet Clutch bag on her during the fight. The luxury accessories company then uploaded a new advertisement to Twitter that said its bag was “worth fighting for.”

The internet has also found humor in the Jay-Z and Solange fight. A separate report from The Telegraph captured tweets and images that spoofed the fight. There was even a trend on Twitter called: #WhatJayZSaidToSolange.

It almost seems like the feud might be in the past for Jay-Z and Solange Knowles. A report from TMZ said the two were spotted inside the jewelry store, Mr. Flawless. They left the store after “around 20 minutes,” and the report indicates that they didn’t try or buy anything. There were also no signs of dispute, while the two were browsing, and they “didn’t talk much inside the store.”

Do you think Solange Knowles will appear in the Saturday Night Live finale?

[Image credited to Dario Cantatore via The Huffington Post]