Mega Millions Numbers Unlucky For 11th Straight Time, Jackpot Hits $136 Million

The Mega Millions numbers drawn May 13 again failed to produce a jackpot winner, the 11th consecutive drawing without a big winner as ticket sales continued creep up along with the swelling jackpot, which now hits $136 million for the Friday Mega Millions game.

Tuesday’s drawing also ended up with no one hitting the “Match 5” second prize, either. In fact, the largest single prize won in the Tuesday Mega Millions drawing was the third-prize — in California. Because that state pays out on pari-mutuel basis, matching four of the first five Mega Millions number plus the Mega Ball was worth $9,781 to the three ticket holders there who matched those numbers.

In the other 42 Mega Millions states — plus two other U.S. jurisdictions — there were 22 winners of the “4+1” prize, which paid a flat $5,000.

But ticket sales for Tuesday’s $121 million Mega Millions jackpot inched up from the Saturday drawing, with 25,267,878 sold, about 700,000 more than for Saturday’s game.

The sales total made Tuesday’s Mega Millions game the fourth straight drawing to see a boost in sales, after bouncing up and down with each drawing since April 4.

The total amount of prize money won in Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing was $2,732,060, down from $4,732,903 won in Saturday’s drawing which saw three second prize winners, though of course, no jackpot winner.

Was any of that money yours? Check your Mega Millions against these numbers, drawn at 10:59 pm in Atlanta, Georgia.

3746487074 Mega Ball 1

In other lottery news, two tickets worth $1 million, both purchased in Brooklyn, New York, were set to expire this week, unless their winners come forward to claim them.

Actually, one of those tickets expired Monday. That was a Powerball ticket purchased last year at Shop Smart Food Mart on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn.

If you purchased a Powerball ticket at that store on May 12 of last year, and your first five numbers were 6 — 13 — 19 — 23 —43, sorry, you are out of luck. That million bucks could have been yours, but it already went back into New York State coffers.

However — if you bought a Powerball ticket at Thriftway Pharmacy on Prospect Park South in Brooklyn last May 15, and your first five numbers are 2 — 11 — 26 — 34 —41, you have until the end of business Thursday, May 15 of 2014 to turn in your ticket and claim your $1 million prize.

The cash value of Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot, for a winner who takes the money as a single payment, will be $77.8 million.