Dean McDermott Abandoned Adopted Daughter So He Could Marry Tori Spelling

Dean McDermott has admitted to cheating on wife Tori Spelling, but as the 90210 star decides whether to take him back it’s been revealed that Dean already made a huge sacrifice to marry her.

Dean and ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace divorced in 2006, and at the time Dean agreed to give up his parental rights to the couple’s newly adopted daughter, Lola, so he could marry Tori Spelling.

The revelation was revealed this week in court documents obtained by Radar Online.

In the documents, Dean McDermott admitted that “the birth and pending adoption of Lola in July 2004 was incredible, not only because she is a beautiful healthy girl, but I believed this was something that would finally make [Mary Jo] happy after several miscarriages, fertility drugs and a failed adoption in Canada. I fell instantly in love with Lola…”

But the documents went on to show that McDermott agreed to “relinquish my legal rights to Lola, however, based on the fact [Mary Jo] was concerned our separation would jeopardize the adoption.”

Dean McDermott explained that after adopting Lola Elizabeth McDermott, his family seemed complete.

“This was an incredible experience. We received Lola when she was one hour old,” the court filings read. “[The couple’s son] Jack held her first. He had tears in his eyes. I spent the next day, July 8, with the birth mother. We bonded incredible and shared life stories. Jack is incredibly bonded with Lola.”

The joy did not last long, however. A little more than a month later Dean dropped a bombshell during a family vacation to Palm Springs.

“Dean McDermott told me he was in love with Tori Spelling,” Eustace says in the documents, “that she was his soulmate, that she loved him unconditionally, and that they had sat down and made a plan. He then said, ‘We will take care of the kids, and money will not be an issue.’ “

The latest revelation comes as Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling have faced increased growing rumors of their own divorce. There were reports last month that trouble in the marriage led to a hospital stay for Tori, and Dean has spoken openly about his dissatisfaction with the couple’s bedroom life.