Taco Bell Tests Rolled Chicken Tacos In Ohio

Taco Bell is giving folks in Ohio an opportunity to try out their latest creation.

Shortly after lifting the proverbial veil on the new Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos — a name this writer openly admits to copy and pasting — the company is reportedly trying out something called a Rolled Chicken Taco in Toledo.

The folks over at GrubGrade received word about the new Taco Bell menu item from one of their dedicated readers. The Rolled Chicken Tacos will cost adventurous fast food fanatics around $3.99 for a four-piece box. If that sounds like a little too much Taco Bell for one sitting, customers can also snatch a pack of two.

Check out the fast food chain’s latest offering below.

Since just about everything you can possibly order at Taco Bell comes with some kind of sauce, the restaurant is offering a variety of dips for your Rolled Chicken Tacos. In addition to reduced fat source cream, patrons can request Spicy Ranch, Salsa, Guacamole, and Nacho Cheese Sauce. The choice, as they say, is all yours.

Peter Pham over at Foodbeast points out that the chicken tacos are essentially taquitos with an “unnecessarily commercial-friendly name.” He also remarks that Taco Bell’s latest offering looks a lot like the Taquito Dippers the company was testing a while back. Sometimes all it takes is a new name to get people interested in what you’re peddling.

Unfortunately for folks who can’t wait to cram the Rolled Chicken Tacos into their mouths as soon as possible, the fast food chain is only offering up the newest foodstuff in Toledo. If other restaurants are testing the item as well, then nobody’s talking about it.

For now, Taco Bell fanatics will have to satisfy their cravings with the aforementioned Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos. To spread the word about the new flavor, the company hired a digital artist to craft an animated comic book.

Here’s what Businessweek said about the latest addition:

“The Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch variation is much like the existing Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos; it just replaces ground beef with chicken and a new, spicy ranch sauce. Aside from this zesty condiment, the other ingredients can already be found in the company’s kitchens. Customers can always customize their DLTs to get chicken instead of beef.”

Are you interested in trying Taco Bell’s Rolled Chicken Tacos?

[Image via Rob Wilson / Shutterstock.com]