Justin Bieber Calls A Woman A ‘B—h’ After She Acts Like A Paparazzo

Justin Bieber called a woman a “bitch” after she refused to stop taking photographs of him, despite requests from his security team at a stables in Burbank, California.

It must be odd being Justin Bieber.

In the world the 20-year-old exists in — due to his own actions and the considerable help of a gossip media complex – literally everything and anything that happens to or around him is snapped, papped, analyzed and criticized with little to no context.

Take for instance a new TMZ clip which has just landed online.

It shows Bieber and crew at the Circle K stables in Burbank, CA where they arrived Monday to take a group of horses for a private ride.

The singer’s group, which consisted of bodyguards, pals and a mix of females and males make it clear they want to be left alone.

However, Bieber’s outing was seemingly spoilt by a woman, Melinda Giel-Murray, who was also riding out that day when she decided to film the Canadian and his crew.

It seems her intrusion was so extreme the singer eventually left to find another horse riding location.

At one point in the clip, Bieber can be heard saying “That b—h right there” as he pointed Murray out to two of his staff.

Melinda, who isn’t described as a fan in TMZ’s report, can be heard in the clip saying: “The Biebs is here.”

She is then approached by two of Bieber’s party. One, a female, angrily tells Melinda:

“No. You know what, you guys just ruined everything. Can you stop taking a picture?”

The staffer received a silent “no” response from Melinda and whoever she was with, to which the Bieber staffer says incredulously “No?”

The staffer then tells Melinda, “He’s leaving now,” implying Justin’s departure was a result of her unwelcome filming.

A male bodyguard then tries ineffectually to block Melinda’s view of Bieber before she says– “What the hell?,” as if she can’t understand why anyone would object to having their private moments filmed by someone who appears dismissive of their discomfort.

There’s a bit of blah in TMZ’s report about four bodyguards trying to “intimidate her,” but the clip shows only one security guard and to be frank Melinda sounds audibly unfazed by him.

It’s claimed Giel-Murray told the Bieber staffer “there’s no law against taking pictures,” and she’s right.

In fact, where you stand on this story regarding whether or not Murray deserved to be called a “bitch,” will likely depend on whether you think a person who is being candidly filmed even has the right to refuse permission to whoever is filming or photographing them.

That permission — which is not required in the US before filming adults — underpins the entertainment industry.

The industry pays billions to the paparazzi industry and increasingly large sums to private citizens who sell visuals, tips and photographs to tabloids and gossip outlets.

Justin Bieber Calls Woman A 'Bitch'

(Photo: Bieber horse riding in Los Angeles).

To give you an idea of the kind of budgets the biggest gossip outlets are playing with, The Wire reports TMZ paid out $250,000 to a hotel employee at The Standard NYC who filmed the much-talked about Solange-Jay Z elevator fight.

This rather unpleasant video from Justin’s horse riding trip took place just hours before a woman would later allege he committed an act of attempted robbery on Monday, May 12.

The female accuser alleges Bieber took her cellphone from her purse and allegedly wrestled with her at Sherman Oaks Castle (amusement) Park at around 10:30 pm, in what she claims was an attempt to check her cell for photos of his crew in an alleged altercation.

The Los Angeles Police Department are investigating, but a park employee eyewitness has since said no robbery attempt took place, adding Bieber “never touched” the woman as well as disputing the alleged dialogue between them.

Closing with Ms. Melinda Giel-Murray. Somewhat incredibly, she told TMZ Bieber was acting “very strange and nervous” before his group drove off from the stable.

Small wonder.

On Wednesday, Bieber defended himself on Twitter over the attempted robbery claim and tried to explain the world he lives in.

But it doesn’t look like anyone’s listening.

I will continue to be the man my mother raised. I love people and I will try to be kind even when things are not fair. Don’t believe rumors

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) May 15, 2014