Austin Mahone Experiences The ‘Worst Show Ever’

Austin Mahone apparently didn’t have a very good time at EndFest.

The singer recently performed at the event in Sacramento, California, an appearance that coincided with the disappearance of a few children. To make matters worse, reports indicate that some folks were passing during the show. Mahone was understandably disappointed by the situation, though he expressed it in a slightly misguided manner.

According to Gossip Cop, Austin eventually realized his Twitter-oriented mistake and removed the offending post from his official feed. Unfortunately, a lot of folks had already spewed a fair amount of hate in the singer’s general direction for essentially taking his hashtag the wrong way.

Here the tweet that landed Mahone in hot water:

“Thanks Sacramento… I pray for the girl that passed out and that they found those 3 missing children that wandered off. #worstshowever”

Case in point: This person seemed to take Austin’s tweet the wrong way. Chances are the performer encountered plenty of like-minded posts after his comment made the rounds.

While it may seem that everyone had it in for the poor guy, a few “Mahomies” rushed to the embattled singer’s defense.

Hollywood Life reports that several people collapsed and a few Mahone fans went missing during his show at EndFest. The website points out that the singer seemed genuinely concerned about the medical emergencies that took place during his set.

One fan posted on Instagram:

“Austin looked so concerned when they announced the missing children at EndFest today. some people see him as a thirsty person but people just don’t understand. They don’t know him. he really does care. and he cares for all of us. He stopped the show to pray for the girl who fainted and the missing children.”

What do you think about Austin Mahone tweeting about his “worst show ever”? Do you think people need to stop and think for a moment before tossing such things onto social media?