‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson: ‘I Ran With The Wicked’

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson spoke at Calvary Church in Hilltown, Pennsylvania on May 10. According to Montgomery News, Robertson told some stories about “fortune and faith.” He brought along some duck calls with him to show his audience, but he also talked about his life and how he went from being a wild child to becoming a religious man and basing his foundation on Christianity.

Phil Robertson said:

“I’m a product of the 1960s in America. Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Basically it was all sin. Get high, get drunk, get laid. I ran with the wicked for 26 years. [Until I] turned to Jesus, made an about-face with a Bible under my arm. You can leave this Earth alive. I make no apologies — I would like to get in on that action.”

The Duck Dynasty star was asked quite a few questions during the Q&A portion of the speaking engagement. Of course he was asked many things about his previous controversial remarks about homosexuality — and he answered them honestly. Senior Bill Leidy asked Phil if he regretted making said remarks.

Phil responded:

“Look, there’s a thousand ways you can sin sexually. I’ve been a fornicator, an adulterer, are you kidding? I told you, the ’60s — that’s sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. One’s not any worse than another. Little white lie, maybe sexual immorality, little stealing; it’s all just sin, and look at the price you pay for it. I’m one who just repented, but I can’t tell somebody with a straight face, ‘Well, dude, that’s your life.’ I love him enough to say, ‘Hey, dude, turn from that. Find your woman. She’s got more to offer anyway.'”

Despite the Duck Dynasty controversies that pits fans against opponents, there is still an obsession with the Robertsons. According to KHOU.com, people have been flocking to West Monroe, Louisiana to try and immerse themselves into the Duck Dynasty world. Some want to be a part of the phenomenon and show their support regardless of what others think — and it’s these people who help the family’s incredible success — both in business and on television.

Phil Robertson isn’t about to hide who he really is, nor is he about to close the door on his faith. When the Duck Dynasty star is welcomed into a community to speak about his life, he tells it like it is. He doesn’t sugarcoat or make up lies to appease those who’s beliefs differ from his own. This might be the very reason that so many respect Phil and support him.

But there are always going to be people who disagree. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there are still people who feel the need to boycott the Robertsons — and that’s their prerogative. Phil doesn’t really seem to care all that much.

The Duck Dynasty patriarch closed with the following message:

“If you’re in the audience and you don’t know Jesus, love him. If you’re an atheist and you say, ‘I hate your guts,’ I don’t mind.”

[Photo courtesy of Teri Klinger via Montgomery News]