YouTuber NicksplosionFX Creates 'Video Game Of Thrones,' Adds Mushroom Kingdom To Seven Kingdoms?

Are you ready for a "Video Game of Thrones"? That's exactly what nerd/creative genius NicksplosionFX has gifted unto the realm!

Check out the lands of Westeros and Essos transformed into Mushroom Kingdom in all its 8-bit glory. True, it's only the opening credits of Game Of Thrones, the popular HBO fantasy epic, but it's still quite enjoyable. Who knows, maybe we'll see a pixelated Lannister clan plotting in a small counsel meeting. Or maybe a Daenerys Targaryen game sprite. Would Mario take the Black and guard the wall as part of the Night's Watch?

Hopefully, we won't find out that our princess is in another castle...

Mario always pays his debts... With Dragon Coins!
NicksplosionFX has a side-by-side comparison so you can see just how accurate his video game version is (OK, some of it isn't as detailed, but it shows the in-game equivalent).

What do you think of the Super Mario Bros/Game of Thrones mashup?