‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contestant Charlie White Unhappy With Producers

Dancing with the Stars bid farewell to another contestant on Tuesday night.

Although Charlie White and dancer Sharna Burgess did their best to charm the judges during American icons night, the pair won’t return for another episode. According to People, the Dancing with the Stars competitor and his partner was ousted from the show this week.

Now that his time on Dancing with the Stars is officially over, White said he’s hoping that Olympic skating partner Meryl Davis ends up winning the competition. However, he believes that all the finalists are deserving of the title.

“From start to finish, it’s been an amazing journey,” he explained.

After saying goodbye to the show, the contestant addressed the elimination on Twitter.

However, Charlie isn’t too happy that Dancing with the Stars producers decided to lump him in the bottom two with Davis. Since he and Meryl won an Olympic gold medal together, White believes that the show was just trying to stir up drama.

“The thing is, you don’t know if it’s always the bottom two. Honestly to me, that felt contrived. I wasn’t happy that they pitted me against Meryl like that,” he told E! Online after this week’s installment of Dancing with the Stars.

White added, “I think our love triumphs over what makes for an interesting moment. I love that girl. We have been through 27 years and won an Olympic gold medal.”

Following Charlie’s departure, that leaves Amy Purdy, Amy Purdy, James Maslow, and Meryl Davis as this season’s final four. At this stage in DWTS, it’s anybody’s game.

What do Dancing with the Stars fans about the skater’s elimination from the competition? Check out some Twitter reactions to the Olympian’s departure from the show below. Not surprisingly, White is getting love from both friends and fans.

Are you disappointed about Charlie White’s departure from Dancing with the Stars?

[Image via Dancing with the Stars / ABC]