Customer Finds Condom In Her Calamari; How The Restaurant Owner Responds Will Shock You

You’ll never look at calamari the same way again. Customer Mai Liang was enjoying her fish and squid meal at a restaurant in Anhui province, China when she found something on her plate that wasn’t quite squid-like. Rubbery and red, Mai thought it wasn’t exactly how a piece of calamari should look like. When she further examined it with a fork, she was struck with horror as she realized that the calamari dish she had been enjoying halfway contained a piece of condom.

Totally horrified by her discovery, Mai Liang said:

“It was disgusting. My first horrific thought was: Is it used?”

“Imagine my horror when I turned it over with my fork and it turned out to be a contraceptive.”

But what happens next would just be more appalling than her disgusting condom discovery.

Mai called restaurant manager Yi Ze Tang to complain about her disturbing find. Instead of apologizing to Mai for the condom discovery on her dish like any sane restaurateur would do, Ze Tang accused Mai of planting the condom in the calamari, according to Metro.

Ze Tang said that the diners placed the condom in their calamari to get a free meal from the restaurant.

To further reinforce her disagreement with the diners, Ze Tang did something that would prove more insane than finding a condom in the calamari – she chewed and swallowed the condom whole. Explaining her strange and disgusting stunt, Ze Tang said:

“They said if I ate the condom, they would leave the matter, so I swallowed it”

However, the insane act was not enough for Mai Liang, who was determined to bring this condom-calamari event to the court. According to recent reports, Mai and other diners of the restaurant are planning to hire a lawyer to secure a compensation package.

Until now, it isn’t clear if the condom was used or not.

This isn’t the first disgusting food find to be reported this month. Perhaps as equally disgusting as finding a condom in an otherwise sumptuous dish of calamari would be discovering that a mouthwatering batch of cupcakes were allegedly deliberately contaminated with pubic hair, fecal matter, and semen. Reported by the Inquisitr earlier this month, a bullied teen in Bakersfield, California took the ultimate revenge on her hands when she baked her tormentors the tray of cupcakes as a way of getting even with her bullies. No charges were filed by local cops, who called the act a relatively harmless “high school prank”.

[Image from CEN via Metro]