Six Brothers Raped Sister For 11 Years, But Confessed Due To 'Belief In Bible'

Six brothers from North Carolina are under arrest this week, charged with sexually assaulting their lone sister repeatedly over an 11-year period starting when the little girl was only four years old. But as if that alone didn't make the Jacksons of Perquimans County leading candidates for dysfunctional family of the century, their sick and twisted parents were also arrested for knowing about and even witnessing the sexual assaults take place, but doing nothing to stop their sons.

The horrifying saga finally came to an end in December of 2012 when one of the Jackson brothers told an elder of the Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina, what he had done, telling the man that he wanted to "walk in the light" and "confess his sin to authorities."

"He sinned seriously," Horn told the Virginian-Pilot newspaper, in what can only be called a major understatement. "It was an evil that needed to be exposed."

But the Perquimans County Sheriff also holds parents Nita and John Jackson responsible.

"Personally, I lay the blame on the parents, and their charges are less than what the boys are going to get," says Sheriff Eric Tilley, "It's their responsibilities to raise those kids and somewhere along the line, they failed."

During most of the 11-year period, the Jackson family lived in a creepy house along a dirt path and sealed off behind a metal gate, off Chapanoke Road in the county.

"They were a secretive bunch," said Curtis Trueblood, who lived not far from the demented Jackson clan. Trueblood called Nita and John Jackson "loners" who did not interact with other people in the region, and how they supported their family was a mystery.

Another neighbor, Nancy Schalk, said that John Jackson would often return late to his home with large quantities of lumber and scrap metal, hauled in trailers.

"They destroyed a beautiful piece of land and made it into a pig sty," she recalled.

Sheriff Tilley credited the brothers' "belief in the Bible" for their group surrender, returning from Colorado where the family had relocated when the investigation began.

"How many people are going to walk into a law enforcement office and say 'I had sex with my sister?' It just doesn't happen. But that's one thing. These kids, they do have a belief in the Bible. They knew it was wrong and they had to get it out."

The sister, now age 16, was taken out of the home by Colorado Child Protective Services and now lives in Colorado Springs, far from the reach of her six brothers.