Mount Hood Climber Accident: Solo Climber Falls 1,000 Feet To His Death

A Mount Hood climber is said to have fallen at least 1,000 feet and authorities believe the unknown man may be dead.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a similar accident happened to another Mount Hood climber in 2012. The solo climber had taken the dangerous route many times before, and according to his wife the only difference was that he never called again to say he was coming home.

In this case, the Mount Hood accident occurred about 8 am this morning and also involved a solo climber. The other Mount Hood climbers in the area say they lost sight of a person they believe to be a man. Witnesses say the man fell about 1,000 feet before they lost track of him.

The Hood River County Sheriff’s Office organized a search for the Mount Hood climber but a fixed wing search plane was unable to determine if the man was still alive. The local police then called the National Guard for help and they sent out a Blackhawk helicopter to the last known location for the missing climber, which is said to be on the north side of the mountain.

The helicopter crew determined the Mount Hood climber was dead because they saw no signs of life and, even from a distance, the injuries were said to be too severe. But the identity of the man has not been determined and the Hood River Crag Rats are trying to determine how they may retrieve the body of the Mount Hood climber. Anyone with information on the identity of the Mount Hood climber is asked to call the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office.

[Image via Wikimedia]